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    Search for and browse early science fiction and adventure/mystery serials, comic books, fanzines, television scripts, and radical literature. Under "Content to search," check off "Library" and then fill your search terms in the search boxes.

    Comic Books

    Comic Book Holding

    The comic book holdings in Special Collections include early issues from the Golden Age of Comics, underground comics from the 1960's and issues of popular comics from other countries. See the Guide to the UMBC Comic Books Collection for more information. BROWSE comics here. Search for comics here.

    Coslet Collection

    Coslet Collection

    The Walter Coslet collection of amateur science fiction magazines (fanzines) collected over the thirty-five years from 1937-1972. The magazines and amateur press mailings contained in the collection represent what was widely held to be the largest and most complete collection of its type in the United States. The most important parts of the collection are the long runs of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA) mailings, Spectator Amateur Press Society, Vanguard Amateur Press Association and sets of fanzines issued prior to World War II. Writers who would later become prominent in the field active in the amateur press include Ray Bradbury, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Frederik Pohl among others. Among the pre-1940 magazines are a nearly complete set of the publication of R. H. Barlow's Dragonfly Press; a complete set of the The Time Traveler and three of the five issues of The Planet, the first amateur magazine known to have been published. Of the many sets of fanzines from the late '30's and early '40's almost all sets are complete. There are over 15,000 fanzines in the collection. BROWSE fanzines here and here. Search for fanzines here.

    Science Fiction Pulps

    Pulps: Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery & Detective Fiction UMBC's holdings of popular fiction serials includes titles from the late 19th century to current subscriptions. Originally printed on cheap paper, the "pulps" provided both new and established authors a venue for their work. The Science Fiction & Fantasy collection includes substantial holdings of famous titles from the genre: Amazing/Analog, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Weird Tales among others and more ephemeral titles like Comet, Rocket Stories and Satellite Science Fiction. For more information about Sci Fi Pulps & Fanzines, see our Sci Fi Pulps & Fanzines Online Exhibit.

    Browse the Science Fiction Pulps:
    • Pulps: Science Fiction & Fantasy

      Coverage: 1930s - present
      Holdings of science fiction and fantasy "pulp" serials held in Special Collections. Includes recently received publications.

    Adventure and Mystery/Detective Holdings

    Adventure, Mystery & Detective Fiction Pulps

    Series titles include: (New York) Detective Library, Action Stories, Action Packed Western, Adventure, Air Wonder Stories, Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure, Beadle's Dime Library [New York Library], Beadle's Half Dime Library, Beadle's Pocket Library, Deadwood Dick Library, Detective Tales, Dick Dobbs Detective Weekly, Five Cent Comic Library, Frank Reade Library, G-Men Detective, Morrison's Sensational Series, Private Detective Stories, and Tip Top Library. BROWSE adventure, mystery, & detective pulps here. Search for specific issues and stories here.

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