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Search for Literary Manuscripts

The literary manuscript collections at UMBC include manuscripts, galley and page proofs and other pre-publication materials relating to science fiction and fantasy texts. The manuscripts are a part of the Azriel Rosenfeld Science Fiction Research Collection, an actively growing collection that also includes science fiction and fantasty serials, books, and pulps. The literary manuscript holdings include materials by accomplished science fiction authors Roger Zelazny, Isaac Asimov, Thomas F. Monteleone, and Brian Daley.

Collections are arranged alphabetically by author. Individual works are foldered and stored as received; a brief description is provided. Roman numerals are folder designations. Due to the extent of the Monteleone collection numbers refer to box and folder designations.

Notes on searching:
Authors can be searched as Author or Additional Author but not both at once. To see all the works an individual contributed to do separate searches.

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This search includes materials from the following authors:

  • Andrews, George
  • Asimov, Isaac
  • Bailey, Dennis Russell
  • Beekman, Doug
  • Bischoff, David F. - see also: David F. Bischoff papers
  • Chandler, A. Bertram
  • Chilson, Robert
  • Conway, Gerard F.
  • Daley, Brian - see also: Brian C. Daley papers
  • DeChancie, John
  • Dickson, Gordon R.
  • Diomede, John K.
  • Easterbrook, Lu
  • Edelstein, Scott
  • Ellis, John
  • Ennis, Kate
  • Foster, M.A.
  • Franke, Herbert
  • Gallun, Raymond Z.
  • Green, Joseph
  • Harness, Charles L.
  • Harrison, Harry
  • Kornbluth, C.M.
  • Kurland, Michael
  • Lampton, Chris
  • Lee, Sharon
  • Miller, Steve
  • Monteleone, Thomas F.
  • Newton, Don
  • Norman, John
  • Pedersen, Ted
  • Pohl, Fredrik
  • Rackham, John
  • Seiler, Diane
  • Sheffield, Charles
  • Snyder III, Cecil
  • Stableford, Brian M.
  • Tall, Stephen
  • Trimble, Louis
  • Tubb, E.C.
  • Walling, William
  • White, Lisa Putman
  • White, Ted
  • Zelazny, Roger - see also: Roger Zelazny papers
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