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American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology records - Organization and Provenance

Organization of Collection
Series I. Officers and Executive Council
Dates: 1925-2002, 1950-2002 bulk
Size: Boxes 1-19, 27.25 linear feet; 27,165 items
  1. Presidency
  2. Secretariat
  3. Treasurer
  4. Executive Officer
  5. Association Legal Documents
  6. Miscellaneous ASBM
Series II. Publications
Dates: 1914-2005, 1946-2005 bulk
Size: Boxes 19-29, 13.75 linear feet; 9,155 items
  1. ASBMB News
  2. Editorial Committee
  3. Editorial Board
  4. Publications Committee
  5. Journal of Biological Chemistry
  6. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics
  7. Miscellaneous Publications and Committees
Series III. Committees
Dates: 1906-2005, 1946-1990 bulk
Size: Boxes 29-65, 53.5 linear feet; 35,660 items
  1. Membership Committee
  2. Ad hoc Committees
  3. Armed Forces Committee
  4. Awards Committee
  5. Committee on Biochemical Nomenclature
  6. Committee on Clinical Chemistry
  7. Committee on Equal Opportunities for Minority Groups
  8. Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women
  9. Committee on Human Biochemistry
  10. Committee on Long-Range Goals
  11. Committee on Plans for Scientific Meetings
  12. Committee on Procedures
  13. Committee on Reorganization of Administrative & Business Procedures
  14. Committee on the Professional Training of Biological Chemists
  15. Committee on the Relations of Biochemists to the Reorganization of the Sanitary Corps
  16. Educational Affairs Committee
  17. Feasibility Committee
  18. Future of Biochemistry Committee
  19. Nominating Committee
  20. Past-President's Committee
  21. Public Affairs Committee
  22. Audit Committee
  23. Finance Committee
  24. Committee Appointments and Liaison Officers
  25. Human Relations Subcommittee on Equal Opportunities for Women
  26. Joint Steering for Public Policy Committee (JSPP)
  27. Meetings Committee
  28. Membership Task Force
Series IV. Meetings
Dates: 1906-2002, bulk 1934-2002
Size: Boxes 66-95, 42.35 linear feet; 28, 250 items
  1. Council/Executive Board Meetings
  2. Annual Meetings
  3. Bioterrorism
  4. Finance Meeting
  5. Joint Meetings
  6. Joint Steering for Public Policy Meeting
  7. International Congress of Biochemistry, 1952-1982
  8. Gordon Conference, 1953-1983
  9. Miscellaneous Meetings and Conferences
Series V. Affiliated Organizations
Dates: 1933-2002, bulk 1946-1991
Size: Boxes 95-109, 19.65 linear feet; 13, 075 items
  1. Affiliated Organizations A -B
  2. Affiliated Organizations C
  3. Affiliated Organizations: D-H
  4. Affiliated Organizations: FASEB
  5. Affiliated Organizations: IUB/IUPAC
  6. Affiliated Organizations: I- Keystone
  7. Affiliated Organizations: Government Science Organizations: NAS,NRC, NIH, NLM, NSF
  8. Affiliated Organizations: M-Z

Provenance and Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) under Executive Officer Charles Hancock in March of 1996.

Processing Note

This collection was processed under the supervision of Marcia Frank Peri, by assistants Rose King, Kristen Tranier, and Angelica Marini. The processing of the collection began in the Fall of 2003 and was finished in December of 2006. This was a very large collection with 211 banker Boxes donated. The existing collection is 109 Boxes. During the initial inventory, multiple copies were disposed of whenever there were more than two copies of a given document. General invoices, receipts and personnel information such as time sheets and payroll documents were also taken out of the collection. Plastic spiral binders and oversized folders were removed from the collection. A second deposit of materials in August of 2006 contained six additional Boxes. The initial organization of the collection was complete and the records from the additional Boxes were fit into the collection. The majority of the records were found to be in relatively good order since they were kept by ASBMB at their headquarters. The remaining records have been organized by type of activity based on the order in which they were received. Whenever possible the original order has been maintained. For the most part items are organized in chronological order, followed by alphabetical order.

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