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Learning Spaces @ UMBC Library

The Retriever Learning Center
Campus Goals and Values Served:

  • Provide Distinctive Undergraduate Experience: convivial social learning space in a socially connected learning environment - with proximity to co-located library services, tutoring, information resources and information technology.
  • Improve Student Retention and Graduation Rates: encouragement of peer to peer learning, group learning, informal student/faculty interactions; tutoring, library research assistance, and tech support in convenient proximity and integrated with learning activities; environmental positive reinforcement of a sustained study regime.
  • Environmental Sustainability: consolidates in one location activities which are now distributed, inefficiently and ad hoc, throughout the campus, in spaces not designed for study and difficult to service and secure.
  • Campus Safety and Security: card access, video monitoring, and other features conducive to improved safety and security for late night study.

The RLC is UMBC's best place for lively group study, scholarly discussion, collaboration, and academic coaching.

   •  RLC Advisory Committee and planning stage

   •  UMBC News Release, Sep 28, 2010

   •  RLC Project Synopsis (September 30, 2010) PDF

   •  Learning Centers at Other Institutions

   •  Acknowledgements: Leaders and Donors

   •  RLC Updates

   •  RLC Photos: 2011-2012 use

RLC Rules

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RLC Floorplan

     NOW  OPEN

              We opened September 6, 2011.

     RLC Seminar Room

             Need a place to practice a presentation? Want to meet with a study group?
             Use our RLC Room Reservation Form to reserve space.

     RLC Virtual Tour

   See us on YouTube! Slow connection? Try the non-HD virtual tour

           Former SGA President Yasmin Karimian at RLC opening

           UMBC President Hrabowski at RLC opening