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What is the Campus Card?

It's more than an ID card -  It's your library card, meal plan card & debit card - Convenient - Safe - Easy to use - a better way to pay! The Campus Card is a program designed specifically for the UMBC community. No more fumbling for change, tracking multiple plastic cards, or wondering if there is enough money in your checking account. Your ID card now gives you easy access to University services all over the campus with just a simple swipe of your card. Your designated account number is encoded on the magnetic strip on your university identification card. Pre-deposited funds are then available to be drawn upon simply by using your I.D., thus eliminating the need to carry cash for those everyday incidentals.

Who is eligible to have a Campus Card?

If you have a valid UMBC identification card, you already have a Campus Card account. Vistors to the campus can obtain a guest card - see below.

How does the Campus Card Work?

The Campus Card works like a debit card.  Funds must be pre-deposited to your card account before purchases may be made.  When transactions occur, the prepaid balance is checked, and if sufficient funds are available, the amount of the transaction is deducted.  To make a purchase at any participating location, present your Campus Card to the cashier or insert your card into the card reader on the equipment.  The system will read your encoded number, record the transaction, and instantly display the balance remaining in your account.

Do I need to open a new account each Semester?

No.  Funds deposited into your account and not used will carry into the next semester.

How can I add more money?

You can add value to your card at the DART vending machines in the Library Print & Copy center (1st floor, between the Reference Desk and the Writing Center) and in the Retriever Learning Center (RLC), through other such machines around campus or through the UMBC Cashiers Office (Administration building, 3rd floor).

UMBC students, faculty and staff can also add value online via credit card.

Funds placed on the card may be put in one of two accounts:
(1) Food (includes dining at all campus cash locations and flex card accounts); and
(2) retail/vending "general use" account (includes use at the Bookstore, and all card swipe equipped copiers, etc.).
Faculty/staff need only deposit funds into the general use account.  The card may then be used anywhere on-campus that accepts the card including food facilities.  By using the DART cash deposit machines located in the Albin O. Kuhn Library and at other campus locations, you may place money in your retail/vending general use account.  To place money in food account (students only) or to place money on the card via check or credit card, stop by the Cashiers Office located on the third floor of the Administration Building.

What if I lose my Campus Card?

For your personal security, all missing or lost cards can be immediately invalidated by reporting the loss to the Communications Services office on the first floor of the University Center (UC) building. Until the loss of a card is reported, Communications Services cannot prevent the unauthorized use of that card at vending machines. For student and faculty/staff cards, money remaining in the account is not lost when the card is invalidated.

What if I am a visitor and need a card?

Visitors may obtain a card by purchasing a guest card through the DART machines for one dollar.  After the card is purchased, the card may then be re-inserted and funds deposited on the card to a maximum of $20. This limit is for your protection.  The card must be kept secure since if it is lost, funds will be lost.

What if I need a card for departmental use?

Departments may obtain a D-Card that is restricted to departmental photocopying and printing in the Library. This is done through the Campus Card office in Communications Services. If the card is lost, departments should contact the Campus Card office immediately to have the card de-activated and a new card will be issued.  Contact the Campus Card Office (see Terms & Conditions, below) for policy with regard to funds on lost or stolen cards.

Campus Cards Accepted At:
  • All campus food locations (Pub, Retriever Grill, Administration Building Coffee Shop)
  • Albin O. Kuhn Library for photo copying, printing, payment of fees and vending.
  • UMBC Bookstore
  • Multi-Media Center
  • Engineering Computer Science Building (for copies)
  • Residence Facilities for all vended applications including laundry, and beverage and snack machines.
  • Student Health Services for all fees.
  • Athletic Facilities for access to facilities, fees and tickets.

Terms & Conditions
Please contact the Campus Card Office, Room 112 University Center at or 443-612-2273 (or by dialing C-CARD from any campus telephone) for current information on terms and conditions of Campus Card use and additional information on the Campus Card.
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