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ScholarWorks@UMBC Implementation

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A digital repository is suite of services for managing and disseminating scholarship, research, and creative works authored by community members, as well as a highly visible, centralized research portal for appropriate academic scholarship.

The Benefits of a Repository

  • Provides a showcase for UMBC research and scholarship, raising UMBC's research profile.
  • Amplifies UMBC's global impact by providing valuable scholarship to the global community of scholars.
  • Improves institutional visibility and relevance by giving back to the community.
  • Features a centralized location for research and other valuable university content, making it more easily found, and more valuable in context.
  • Highlights areas of expertise, centers of excellence, and specific strengths that would benefit being shared with the world via Works pages that are automatically created for academic departments and campus centers.
  • Increases visibility of researchers' accomplishments and citation of their works.
  • Enhances scholarship on campus by providing a platform for publications.
  • Fosters collaboration by making it easy to discover colleagues in other departments with similar research interests or issues.
  • Functions as a marketing tool for UMBC and UMBC's academic content demonstrating the fruits of academic labor and how money has been spent.
  • Serves as a tangible symbol of academic quality for investors.
  • Attracts top students when student publications are included, allowing institutional scholarship to speak about UMBC and what prospective students might learn.
  • Provides a tool for analyzing research output not only for senior administrators but also providing individual statistics that faculty can view and download.
  • Provides a means of fulfilling funding agencies' requirement to make research data and results publicly available.

For additional information on ScholarWorks@UMBC, e-mail