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ScholarWorks@UMBC Implementation

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ScholarWorks@UMBC is a digital repository. A digital repository is a suite of services for managing and disseminating scholarship, research, and creative works authored by community members, as well as a highly visible, centralized research portal for appropriate academic scholarship. The library began implementing this system in May 2015, and the system will be available to all of the UMBC campus for use at the beginning of the 2016 spring semester. To view the full implementation plan for the system (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet), click here. Because ScholarWorks at UMBC serves our entire institution, it may sometimes be referred to as an institutional repository.

Any UMBC faculty, staff, or student will be able to submit materials to the digital repository. The system will make them available online, give them a fixed, permanent URL, and they will be indexed in Google and Google Scholar. The library will provide stewardship for the materials to ensure that they'll continue to be available in the future.

Each UMBC College, School, Department, Program, and Center or Institute may have its own page within this system. Many already have pages set up in the system, as the library already has digital scholarship from many academic departments, such as theses and dissertations from 2007-present, which we'll migrate to this system. Implementation will be done in phases, and the first users will be select beta testers. For information on how UMBC units can participate in this system or its implementation, contact Michelle Flinchbaugh, at 56754, or e-mail

ScholarWorks@UMBC will be a searchable, full-text, non-exclusive, publicly accessible database:

  • Comprised of scholarly materials, including research and creative works
    • includes both traditionally published scholarship and scholarship that don't fit into any current publishing models.
    • created by UMBC faculty, staff, affiliated researchers and students.
    • voluntarily contributed by the scholars and stored in the IR.
  • Made accessible through metadata, which is
    • information that describes the resource; provides information on the type of file, who created it, when, what it's about, etc.
    • provided at the time of input by the authors or creators of the posted works, according to UMBC's standards and needs through an online interface.
    • the basis of the IR's indexing, abstracting and cataloging of posted materials.
    • makes it possible for the general public to browse, search, and retrieve posted documents via the internet.
  • Used as
    • an open access research resource for scholars, both internal and external
    • a showcase for UMBC research and scholarship
    • a means of collating UMBC scholarship by individual, department, or school
    • a way to raise UMBC's research profile
    • a tool for analyzing UMBC's research output
    • an archive for UMBC's digital publications

ScholarWorks@UMBC is a part of MD-SOAR, a shared institutional repository collaboratively implemented by eleven Maryland libraries, and paid for by the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium.

For additional information on ScholarWorks@UMBC, e-mail