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Add-ons for your browser Search Engine Manager (works in Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 7+)
  • UMBC Library Catalog Search: Install

    Search for books, cds, dvds, journals and more

  • UMBC Journals Search: Install

    Search for print and electronic journals subscribed to by UMBC

  • UMBC Digital Collections Search: Install

    Search for photographs, electronic theses and dissertations from UMBC candidates, posters, playbills, and more.

LibX Toolbar: UMBC Edition

LibX Toolbar: UMBC Edition is a browser extension (also known as a plug-in or add-on) that provides direct access to the Library's resources from any page on the web. In addition to searching the library catalog, LibX allows you to access library subscriptions by right-clicking on any web page and reloading that page via Research Port. LibX also embeds visual cues - the Find It button FindIt button or the UMBC icon UMBC icon - in web pages such as Wikipedia, Google search results, and to help you locate resources which are available at UMBC.

LibX toolbar

LibX is available for both Firefox and Chrome. For more information and to download the LibX toolbar, see

Finding scholarly articles with Google Scholar

Did you know that you can use Google Scholar to search for scholarly journal articles? And by selecting UMBC as your Library Link in Google Scholar UMBC students, faculty and staff can even get access to UMBC journal subscriptions from off-campus. NOTE: The UMBC Library Link is already set for on-campus access via public computers or UMBC Wi-Fi.

  • Go to the Google Scholar Settings (or click on the "Settings" link on the main Google Scholar page)
  • Click on "Library Links" in the left-hand menu
  • Search for UMBC, then check the box next to "University of Maryland, Baltimore County - FindIt @ UMBC"
  • Click the Save button

Now you will see a FindIt @ UMBC link next to articles which are available at the Albin O. Kuhn Library. Articles which are available online will have the FindIt @ UMBC link next to the article title; articles which are available in the library will have the FindIt @ UMBC link beneath the citation.

Questions about using Google Scholar? Contact the AOK Library Reference Department:

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