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Meeting Room Booking Information

Library space reservation: information & procedures for booking a room for a meeting (Library Guideline 712)

The Event Planning and Conference Services books spaces on the Library's behalf, subject to confirmation by the Library Administrative Offices.


Rooms must be booked at least ten days in advance.

Arrange for computer equipment and audio visual equipment, including microphone and podium through the Library Computer Equipment Rental Form. Please note that fees charged for equipment contribute to the Library's costs incurred in supplying and supporting equipment; there is no other funding allocated to the Library for this purpose.

Off-Campus Groups:
please inquire at (The Commons) Event Planning and Conference Services -- (410) 455-3615

Spaces Covered:

President's Room (#768) - booked through President's Office Photo of 768

Board Room & Gallery - Room #767 Photo of 767

Open Area (Conference Room) Photo of Open Area

Atrium - not available for meetings

Plaza - events sponsored by campus administration only

Library Gallery - events outside of open hours and not in conflict with exhibitions (charge applicable)
Photo of Gallery presentation space


Maximum 7th floor capacity (per fire code)


President's Rm. #768 (445 sq. ft.)

-capacity for comfortable seating at conference table
(as in photo above):

12 (14 can be squeezed in around the table, and another 6 elsewhere). Fire Code max capacity = 29.

Board Room Rm. #767 (1400 sq. ft.)

-capacity using 16 conference tables in rectangle
(as in photo above):

32 (plus 30 chairs on sides and back of room). Fire Code max capacity with table setup = 93.

-capacity with theater-style seating:

99 seated. Fire Code max capacity without tables = 200.

-capacity with dinner seating:

72 at 9 round tables

7th Floor Open Area (Conference room -- the 1,521 sq. ft. large unwalled area overlooking the Library Plaza - rm. #750)

-with dinner seating (est.): buffet max.seating or dinner seating with table service, head tables, and buffet style; capacity may be reduced depending upon the size, shape and arrangement of tables.

101 at up to 19 round tables, (up to 8 per table). Fire Code max capacity with table setup = 101.

-for receptions - no seating with food table(s)

217. Fire Code max capacity, without tables = 217.

-with theater-style seating (est.):

TBD. Fire Code max capacity, without tables = 217.

Library Gallery presentation space (using the 1,064 sq. ft. carpeted area and some spillover into the center of the Gallery)

-with theater seating (est. desirable seats):

125. Fire Code max for carpeted area = 152; max for 4,992 sq. ft. Gallery area = 713.

-for receptions - no seating, with food table(s)

200 (using Gallery space; greater capacities are possible, but only when exhibitions and/or furniture are removed)

Note: Audio will not reach, reliably, more than about 10 feet beyond the carpeted area, so people seated behind the first 125 may not be able to hear presentations.

Guideline drafted: 9/8/95
Revised: 2/21/96,1/26/98, 3/14/03, 10/6-8/04, 6/23/05, 8/26/05 LW 9/14/06 ld, 11/15/06 photos added LW, 4/27/07 rev. re. table config in 767, capacities; rev. 5/2/08, 9/17/08 re. LITS form LW; rev 12/3/09 & 3/9/10 re. 7th floor & Gallery capacities, LW

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