Library Liaisons Frequently Asked Questions

What is Collection Management?

Collection Management manages the materials budget allocations for: and has responsibility for: These activities are directed by the Head of Collection Management/Interlibrary Loan under the supervision of the Library Director. For more information please visit the Collection Management page or contact the Collection Management Librarian.

What are the duties of the Liaisons?

The faculty library liaisons: Additionally, each department has a Reference Librarian Liaison who may assist or serve in place of the departmental liasion. To determine your library liaison, please visit the Subject Librarian page. To determine academic faculty liaisons, please contact individual academic departments.

How do I order materials?

Faculty FAQ for more information on ordering.

What are the ordering deadlines?

Can I buy journals instead of books?

No. The library's responsibility is to ensure the most balanced and usable collection for all members of the UMBC community. Books are basically a one-time expenditure, while journals represent an ongoing and increasingly expensive commitment. To verify your departmental allocation for each purchase category see the Library Materials Budget Memo, sent every fall to the department chair and library liaison.

What is the role of Acquisitions?