Library Liaisons Information

Review and order approval list materials through Yankee Book Peddler's GOBI System

For simplified instructions

The Basics: Ordering approval titles in GOBI:

Ordering from the weekly YBP GOBI email Notifications:

  1. Click on the link in the YBP notifications email
  2. At the GOBI login page use the user name and password you've been given. The Account number is 7543.
  3. The title list will either open directly to the list or it may open in the Notifications tab (which may happen if you are a selector for another department as well)
  4. If it opens to the Notification tab click on the most recent list (they are listed by date)
  5. If the list opens directly you will see your department name listed, with the list date and # of items in the list.
  6. At the far right, in the light blue area, you will see a drop down box. Select “Full-entire list”. This will allow you to see table of contents, book jacket, and if there are other versions of the title.
  7. A box will appear around each title as you view it.
    • Hover over the vertical area to the left of the title and you will see a light gray bar appear.
    • Click on it once if you want to choose the book for purchase. (click again to de-select)
    • A highlighted “Already owned by the library” will appear in the lower left corner of the box if it already is owned at UMBC.
    • Click on the ISBN link to see if the title is owned within the USMAI. (ex.: ISBN 9780226470962)
    • To the far right of the title will be the links to the tables of contents, book jackets and alternate editions) Click on the link to see that information. Alternate editions that are e-books may be previewed for 10 minutes. (ignore the note “slip sent (date)”)
    • We’re not purchasing individual e-books quite yet, it’s more complicated due to licensing issues and the amount of time it takes to get the book. (But do talk to me if you absolutely must have it in electronic format and we’ll see what we can do. We hope to be purchasing more e-books in the near future.)
  8. If you want all the titles just click on Mark All in the column to the far left.
  9. Click GobiExpress to select chosen titles.
  10. Click Select.
  11. Click on the drop down arrow for Choose Template and select your department.
  12. Click select (in the lower right corner)

Changing the display:

Managing your GOBI Lists

As mentioned above you have access to automatically created title lists two ways:

To review older enotification lists:

You can also create a list of your own by doing a search for subjects, titles, authors, isbns using one of the Search boxes. A list may contain a single item from a Quick search or multiple items from a notification or a subject search.

Here are several ways you can manage your lists:

To create folders for titles:

NOTE: --The titles you selected will remain in GOBI for a brief time and then, as they are ordered by Acquisitions, will be removed from the main list. -- So, if you think you're going to want to keep a folder list of what you order, do it at the time you order the titles. The titles won't disappear from your created folder, only the main list.

To email a title, list or folder:

To save a list to disk:

And of course:

To just order a title or list of titles: