OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (RFBP)

The RFBP is administered by OCLC, and allows university faculty borrowing privileges at 157+ universities across the country. Prominent members in our area include Georgetown, Howard, American, and University of Delaware. Other RFBP participants.

Special Note: Johns Hopkins participation in the RFBP program is limited to providing access to the building and in-house use of the collections. If a UMBC faculty member wants to check out books, she/he must purchase a borrowing card for $200/yr ($100/yr if a JHU alum).

Getting an RFBP Card:

Faculty can obtain an RFBP information packet, which includes an information flyer, current list of participants, borrower's card (renewable yearly), and book return policy slip, from a Reference Librarian.

If faculty wish, we can check the OCLC Name-Address Directory (NAD) to find out about individual library's RFBP borrowing policies.

UMBC RFBP Circulation Policy:

Note: To borrow from UMBC, RFBP members must obtain a Special Borrower's Card at the Circulation Desk ($15.00 charge).