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ALERT: The Library will close at 5:00 PM today, March 1st, due to inclement weather.

Events Sponsored by the UMBC Friends of the Library & Gallery

Upcoming Friends of the Library & Gallery Events:

Monday, March 9, 2015, 4 p.m.: "Visual Ecology: The Unexpected Abilities of Animal Eyes," a presentation by Dr. Tom Cronin in the Library Gallery.

This event is in our "BookNotes" series.

All image credits: Roy L. Caldwell, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley.

Humans are visual creatures. We're also introspective and curious, a combination that makes us all by nature amateur visual ecologists (even if we don't know it, or even what it means!) Since vision dominates how we experience our world, we naturally wonder how other animals see their own worlds. When a cat is entranced by images of fish on a television screen, does it see colors? Does it think they are real fish? What is it experiencing? When a wasp flies up and stares us in the face, just what is it seeing? These questions have probably been asked for as long as our species have been around.

Visual ecology is the field that studies how vision operates to meet the needs of various kinds of animals. It examines how vision has evolved and how it is special in each species, and it asks questions that are some of the oldest in biology, often predating even the earliest science: "How do owls see at night, when humans are essentially blind?" "Does my dog (or horse, or cat) see color?" "Can a dolphin see when it sticks its head out of the water?" Many others readers have probably asked themselves about vision in other animals.

Professor Cronin's studies of vision have included animals ranging from the tiny plankton, through many marine creatures, to whooping cranes and even whales. In his talk, he will focus mainly on his favorite animals of all, the fearsome "mantis shrimps," known for their abilities to break aquarium walls and impale human flesh. Their eyes are some of the strangest in nature, seeing things that humans can only duplicate with high-tech imagery.

Cronin is frequently invited to speak about his work to the general public. His talk is intended for a general audience, so non-biologists and non-scientists should feel welcome to come.

  • A reception, sponsored by the Libby Kuhn Endowment Fund, will follow the program.

  • Co-Sponsored by the Friends of the Library & Gallery and the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

  • More Information on Dr. Cronin

Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 4 p.m.: "Visual Music" -- a UMBC Faculty Concert with Video in the Library Gallery:

This event in our "ArtsNotes" / "MusicNotes" series. It will feature UMBC flutist Dr. Lisa Cella and UMBC inter-media artist Steve Bradley.

  • Please join Lisa Cella, flutist, and Stephen Bradley, inter-media artist, for a live concert of contemporary flute repertoire with original video art created specifically for each piece. This experimental flute performance is the culmination of a project begun a year ago. It embraces the work of four composers who Dr. Cella commissioned to write pieces specifically for her interpretive expertise.

    In collaboration with Inter-media artist Stephen Bradley, Dr. Cella is creating not only a CD/DVD document, but a concert that can be produced live with the video with the intent to create a more powerful listening experience for both musicians and non-musicians. Pairing aural with visual language will add a deeper dimension to both the musical and visual experience. The music written consists of works for solo flute, bass flute, flute and computer, and alto flute.

    Stephen Bradley's time-lapse video work explores a meditative perspective that features quotidian events. By slicing time into precise visual moments, the video presents the listener/viewer with an illuminated focus on the familiar. Interweaving Bradley's visual “curiosity of motion” with the aural compositions performed by Lisa Cella, an expansive work of art is constructed. This collaboration engages our capacity for deep listening and seeing. It opens one door of perception and reveals a pattern language comprised of fractals and synesthesia, leading us to apprehend the ineffable.

  • Works to be performed:

    010 machine states (2012) by Christopher Adler (b. 1972)

    Knot Theory (2010) by Christopher Burns (b. 1973)

    Flute Code (2012) by Matthew Burtner

    Light in Each One (2009) score excerpt by Stuart Saunders Smith

    Ripples (2011) by Adam Greene

    Incompatibiles iii-b (2009) by Nicolas Tzortzis (b. 1978)

  • A reception, sponsored by the Libby Kuhn Endowment Fund, will follow the program.

  • Sponsored by the Friends of the Library & Gallery through its "ArtsNotes/MusicNotes" series.

  • More Information on Dr. Cella

                    Dr. Lisa Cella photo

                     Dr. Lisa Cella

    More Information on Steve Bradley

                Dr. Lisa Cella photo

                 Steve Bradley

Composer BiographiesWord Document

Theatre with Dinner - Saturday, March 28, 2015:

  • The play will be These Shining Lives, by Melanie Marnich, presented by the UMBC Department of Theatre and directed by Nyalls Hartman.

  • The play is based on actual events at a watch factory in which workers were exposed to radium, and their subsequent struggle to first find a doctor willing to diagnose "radium poisoning," and then to bring a lawsuit against the employer, Radium Dial. This play first premiered at Baltimore's Centerstage Theater in 2008.

  • Scenery will be designed by Michelle Bisbee, Visiting Assistant Professor in Scenic Design.

  • The event will begin at 5 p.m. on the 7th floor of the Library with a wine and soft drink reception. Dinner commenced at 6 p.m., with remarks by director Nils Hartman after dinner at approximately 7 p.m., and the play will be held in the new Performing Arts and Humanities Building, in the Black Box Theatre, at 8 p.m.

  • Tickets were priced at $35 per person.

  • Parking for this event will be provided on the top level of the Walker Avenue Parking Garage at hooded meters. For handicapped parking, spaces are normally available at the foot of Walker Avenue. Special needs regarding parking can be accommodated.

  • Transportation between Library and New Theatre will be provided for those who request it on the registration form.

  • The Friends of the Library & Gallery sponsors Theatre with Dinner events not to raise money (the costs are barely covered by the ticket price) but to provide an enhanced experience of the Theatre production and a good time for all participants.

  • Reservation info:
    • Please use this form for reservations:
      Reservation Form

      Checks payable to "UMBC Foundation," were sent to this address (and received by March 10, 2015):

      Friends Theatre with Dinner
      UMBC Library
      Baltimore, MD 21250

    • Inquiries and last minute reservations: 410-455-2356.

A Celebration of Writing and Art: the Release of Bartleby 2015

  • April 2015 -- exact date and time not yet set
  • A Celebration of Writing and Art: the Release of Bartleby 2015, UMBC's creative arts journal, marking its 35nd year of publishing the best of UMBC students' prose, poetry, and art. The event features readings by the authors of selected poetry and prose in the new issue, and artistic interpretations of their work by students from Visual Arts.
  • A reception, sponsored by the Libby Kuhn Endowment Fund, will follow the program.
  • This event will be free and open to the public.

  • For more information on Bartleby, see: the Bartleby home page.

Events in Planning: watch this space for news of additional events which are in planning for the 2014 - 2015 academic year.

Events will include a Spring Celebration of UMBC Student Writing and Art - the Release of Bartleby 2015, to be scheduled for April, 2015.

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